Google Analytics App + Web Training

App + Web has exciting potential for your existing Google Analytics account. Join our course to learn more!

App + Web is not an upgrade to Universal Analytics — it is an entirely new version of Google Analytics that allows for flexibility in collecting analytics data from both app and web platforms. The features are strikingly different while the functionality offers dramatically more potential, especially for a multi-platform digital landscape.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to get started with App + Web right away. You will have an understanding of how to set up an App + Web property; how to navigate its reports, how to answer questions about who comes to your digital properties, how they arrived, what they did, and whether they converted; and how the underlying data model provides a more holistic view of the customer journey. You will also become familiar with methods to collect customized data, such as events and user properties.

Our trainers are actually consultants here at Bounteous, working every day in the materials they’ll be teaching – so you’ll get real-world tips and someone who can answer the difficult questions.

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Google Analytics App + Web

What Does This Course Cover?

  • What is Google Analytics App + Web and how does it differ from other types of Google Analytics properties? Why should you configure this new property (even if you don’t manage a mobile app)?
  • How to create an App + Web property and its corresponding Firebase project.
  • How to navigate the new App + Web reports, including the new Analysis feature.
  • Methods for collecting events and customizing your data within App + Web properties.
  • How to take full advantage of App + Web integrations, including Ads & BigQuery.

Who Should Join This Course?

If you’ve taken our Google Analytics 101 and 201 courses, or Google Tag Manager 101, you are equipped to join! This course is also great for:

  • Analysts familiar with standard Google Analytics Universal Analytics properties.
  • Developers who use Google Tag Manager and implement data collection code.
  • Curious stakeholders who want to check out the future of digital analytics.

Course Outline

Getting Started with Google Analytics, App + Web

  • What is App + Web?
  • Why Firebase?
  • The Data Model
  • How to Get Started
  • Key Differences between Google Analytics and App + Web

Creating a Firebase Project and an App + Web Property

  • The Importance of Firebase Projects
  • Linking Firebase to Google Analytics
  • App + Web Property Settings & Streams
  • Key Differences between Google Analytics and App + Web/li>

Navigating the App + Web Interface

  • Home
  • Realtime, Reports, Events, and Conversions
  • Analysis
  • Configure Audiences and Segments
  • Key Differences between Google Analytics and App + Web

Methods for Collecting Events

  • Events Overview in App + Web
  • Transitioning From Universal to App + Web
  • GTAG vs GTM
  • Sample GTM Events
  • Configuring Events in the Interface
  • Key Differences between Google Analytics and App + Web

Advancing App + Web with Integrations

  • Google Ads
  • BigQuery Integration Through Firebase
  • BigQuery to Data Studio
  • Sample Queries
  • Key Differences between Google Analytics and App + Web