Employer Sponsorship

Why Attend A Training?

If you’ve made it to this page, you’ve probably already looked through the courses we offer and maybe even chosen a city to meet us in, but you still have some questions about Bounteous or how we hold our trainings.


What’s Included?

  • Live, in-person training
  • Certified consultants leading the course
  • Time during class to ask questions
  • Breakfast, lunch, beverages
  • Course materials shared for future use
  • Physical handouts and resources


Learn From the Experts

With years of experience in digital analytics and search marketing, our team at Bounteous is a fine-tuned machine. We’ve been involved with this evolving landscape from the get-go and will continue to make an impact through our work with our diverse clientele.

We even have these fancy certifications to back it up:

Bounteous was part of the Google Analytics Certified Trainer program during the years that it existed, and has continued that tradition of excellent instruction though our updated and customized training program.

In addition, all of our trainers are consultants at Bounteous, certified in their disciplines as well as actively working with active clients. You’ll be taught by industry experts who got beyond the textbook iterations you may be expecting to provide actionable and realistic learning experiences during every class.

Ask Those Questions!

Sure, you want to learn more about Google Analytics, Search Marketing, or Google Tag Manager, but there’s probably something on your website that you would love to fix or learn more about. We encourage every attendee to bring a list of those questions with them to class. Our trainers make it a priority to answer your real-life questions – at breaks, after class, or via email. Don’t be shy and get those questions answered!

Course Resources

Each attendee gets a little somethin’ to take back with them to the office to refresh their memory and share with colleagues. Everyone is given a digital copy of the presentation, handouts, and other materials. You should have everything you need after you leave us – everything but the trainer themselves!

Continued Support

Throughout the training, our experts will show you different resources that they use as professionals and at the end of each course will also provide you with a list of resources and ways to continue your education or seek out advice.

While you can’t take the trainer back to the office with you, we want to leave you with a full toolbox to help as you continue your analytics and search journeys. In addition to the presentation materials, each attendee gets a “Get Out of Jail” card (literally) to redeem after the training is completed. Shoot us an email with a question and we’ll toss around your big question with our colleagues to provide a possible solution or link you to the appropriate documentation/blog posts.

Network and Learn

Your fellow attendees are probably in class for similar reasons that you are and might even work in industries similar to yours. Training is a great way to make new connections and learn from others in a relaxed environment. We encourage everyone to introduce themselves and have even observed attendees move seats to share experiences!

Learning Environment

You’re spending at least one full day with us in a classroom environment, so we aim to keep things comfortable and engaging. We will feed, caffeinate, and hydrate you throughout the day to keep you motivated. We encourage participation and have activities and breaks scheduled throughout the day.

Getting Better With Age

We don’t just rely on our years of experience – we actively are trying make sure we’re communicating effectively with attendees. After every training, we ask for feedback about the sections covered throughout the day and sharing thoughts on our trainers, the materials provided, and general feedback. We use these reviews to make important changes to our courses throughout the year and to hone our messaging and presentation style. Changes are made frequently to keep the material up to date and to keep our examples relevant and interesting.