Custom Google Marketing Platform Training

Let Us Bring Our Training To You

Bounteous boasts one of the most prolific training programs in North America for the Google Marketing Platform, with over 13 years of experience leading in-person, hands-on training sessions. We tailor each in-person training to the participants in the room, through group discussions, live examples, and one-on-one reviews, but we know that sometimes a more custom training may be beneficial.

Whether you’ve taken the courses and are looking for something more tailored, or you have an entire team that would rule out traveling, our custom training option fits a variety of needs for your organization, and our training team is ready to go!

Our custom training options include the full list of public courses, as well as several other specialty areas that can be mixed and matched and shaped to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Benefits of Internal Training

  • No travel required – trainer comes on location
  • Large group teaching formats available – onboard many people quickly
  • Customized content – adjust for CEOs, developers, marketers, etc.
  • Personalized content – examples using company data
  • Coordinate with internal events (rally/conference/training)
  • Handouts and resources provided
  • Venue coordination (if needed)
  • Food and beverage coordination (if needed)

Learn From the Experts

With years of experience in digital analytics and search marketing, our team at Bounteous is a fine-tuned machine. We’ve been involved with this evolving landscape from the get-go and will continue to make an impact through our work with our diverse clientele. Through our public training program and our custom training offering, we’re able to quickly scale your organization to embrace not only new tools, but new processes required to find value in these platforms.

We even have these fancy certifications to back it up:

Bounteous was part of the Google Analytics Certified Trainer program during the years that it existed, and has continued that tradition of excellent instruction though our updated and customized training program.

How Can I Get Started?

Talk to your account manager or email us to get the conversation started!